I just wanted to say thank you professor for being able to continue teaching us during these hards time. I am very lucky to have had a understanding and patient person as you. I know that this class was super fun and that I was able to make new friends through discord and zoom. I know that this time was weird and strange but I felt safe going to class and just interacting with others. I want to thank you as well for not making Wednesday mandatory. I know that this also helped me a lot because this was a break from starting at a screen. Once again, thank you so much for making my first semester here at Long Beach such a fun and memorable year!!!

To begin, I would first think of our painting or just a simple sketch that someone had created. This was my interpretation of art, basically anything that someone has created. I would focus more on people that have created art with their hands or someone that has taken the time another day to express their emotions. I also thought that it was something that not many could achieve because of how hard it was to share your initial thoughts to someone who had no context behind the art.

Furthermore, when I think about art I think about sculptures that someone…

Wk 13- Art Activity- Portfolio Research

Cali Raw Nutrition is the name of the company which specializes in fresh raw dog food. The company is looking for someone who is capable of starting up with this pet business. The work given to these owners wants to ensure that there is a difference towards their pets. These high quality ingredients are to ensure the pets are given the best for their food! The purpose of this is to help these pets lose weight in a healthier version. …

To begin the artist Anacker and Feld both ended up doing an exhibition at CSULB where they were able to team up together and create art. They wanted to ensure that those who would enter in to view this art gallery would focus on the items around them which made them have shoes be taken off before entering. This way there would be more vulnerability involved causing the view to focus on the items. They both ended up studying at CSULB.

In the video, there is a portion where a room has been designed with curtains and little shelves in…

  1. How well did you know your partner before this activity?

We have interacted on the instagram group chat about any homework that would be due. As well as, checking in with everyone on how classes were going. There was just normal interactions on there but never separately. I only knew she had some siblings but not much. I also was able to join a zoom call with her in the beginning of the school year to just finish our art assigments.

  1. How well do you know them now?

I feel like I know them pretty well and even though this…

Kate and her new born baby Moon

Kate Albrecht also known as, Mr. Kate, was able to be founded in 2011 as a DIY blog and lifestyle. Mr. Kate is the brand name that combines both Kate Albrecht and her husband Joey Zehr. She was able to hit 300 million total views and have 3 million subscribers. She was able to explore various aspects that allowed her channel to grow and one of her most known series is going into influencers houses are redecorating / decorating rooms in their house hold. Most of her creations revolve around the slog of “ because why not” as she ends…

1.What was your original vision?

I had envisioned for it to be a bit messier and I really believed that it was all going to get wrinkled up and just rip. I also thought that I would not find many images that would resonate with me or have some sort of meaning. I also believed that this would end up taking more time before starting the project.

  1. How did your project differ from the original vision?

I was able to get everything on my board with no problem. I also found a lot of images which made it difficult for…

Artist: Michol Hebron

Media: Photography, Video, Installation, and Performance

Website: Michol Herbon Website

Instagram: Michol Hebron

Artist: Joseph DeLappe

Media: Video Games, Sculpture, Photography

Website: Joseph DeLappe Website

Instagram: Joseph DeLappe

There have been many different ways an artist expresses themselves. They may decide to create art with their body while others are able to do this with sand. These two artists were able to find their own inspiration and create their own messages. Joseph DeLappe has been able to explore most of his issues through gaming and other methods through the media. He was able to work hard and…

  1. What you plan to do

I plan to make a collage of different words that express what I want to do in the future or what represent me. I need to make sure that I have collected enough magazines to flip through and choose what I want on my board.

  1. Why you want to do it

I wanted to have time to just express myself and be able to have fun! I also wanted to add something personal in my room. …

Evelyn Ramirez

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