Week 7- Art Idea Essay- The Art of Place

Place has always been somewhere one feels safe and loved. I believe a place is where you are able to express yourself without being judged. Your home will be different compared to others. You were able to become the best version of yourself with this place. You should never feel ashamed to share your place. You should be able to decorate your home however you please. This is the one place you are allowed to express your creativity. Unfortunately, many of us were hit unexpectedly once COVID-19 occurred. Many lost their place. The virus created a huge pause on how people were able to create better/improve their home.

Terry Sullivan is an artist who was able to express how he felt through his place. He had been a victim of a tragic event where many lives were lost. The shooting took the lives of “ 6 commuters and 19 wounded” (Sullivan). He was able to express his emotions through drawing. Drawing became his safe place to share with others how he felt. In this sense, we see how his place allowed him the opportunity to avoid feeling trapped. His place saved him from getting trauma. Another artist that is able to do this is a rapper, NF. He always speaks what is on his mind and the way that he feels about certain topics. His song titled, “If You Want Love” which is able to express the values different families may hold. In this case, the pain that goes through love and the obstacles the pair has to overcome. You want to create an environment where love and trust should be the main value. This is super useful as we want to have your home be comfortable with no judgment.

As students, we are slowly getting used to having classes online. I know that I would find it difficult to return on campus next semester when I am used to taking my time to get ready before class starts. Exams should be taken out and students should just rely on homework problems so that students will be able to actually learn. If we continue this way, the generations to come will have no problem being fully online. Most Gen-Z and Millennials are already on their phones 24/7. This is nothing new for this generation. Our place would be different because we will not be able to interact with others or be physically in our place. Someone’s place may be in the library surrounded by books which would not feel the same if you are in your room reading. We will not be able to have that full on experience.

To conclude, I believe that for the 21st century many students may prefer to be going to online classes rather than in person. The idea of being online sounded crazy a few months ago but here we are now. Hopefully, by 2024 a vaccine would have come out so that everyone can go back to the “normal” lifestyle. I do believe that many citizens will appreciate the small gestures more. I know that I have to work more on staying away from my bed and sitting at my desk. I will make sure that I have group chats for each class! I hope that I will be able to find a job that will be in person however I would understand if we would need to stay at home. I will continue striving to achieve my goals for my future and be able to graduate college.