Wk 12- Artist OTW- Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

To begin the artist Anacker and Feld both ended up doing an exhibition at CSULB where they were able to team up together and create art. They wanted to ensure that those who would enter in to view this art gallery would focus on the items around them which made them have shoes be taken off before entering. This way there would be more vulnerability involved causing the view to focus on the items. They both ended up studying at CSULB.

In the video, there is a portion where a room has been designed with curtains and little shelves in this tiny space. There are everyday objects that have been put on there which ends up giving the room a more full view. I believe that this piece is already big enough where you have the curiosity to want to step in and see what is involved in this tiny space. You also see that there are no chairs or type of furniture except a mat. For example on one of the shelves, there are string, shells, cups, and a blanket.

After hearing the purpose that she did this through I found it eye-opening. I look around my room and see that I have this big bed and a desk with the chair and drawers. If I think about it I really don’t need so much space. The way that she was able to get all her basic necessities to feel at home made me realize how much stuff I really don’t need. I don’t need so much clothing because I could just wear the same outfit and no one would really tell. I think they just made me realize how much society has influenced what an “ideal” room should have in this society. I love the idea that she made this because she kept on moving around and now is able to feel comfortable in such a tiny space.

I was able to resonate with this piece because I know that I have a lot of stuff that I honestly don’t really need. I know that sometimes I end up going shopping and just spend my money on stuff that isn’t necessary to my everyday life. I feel like with this piece I will end up producing what I end up spending my money on because I don’t need a bunch of clothing or multiple accessories in my room. I also really like the way that she made sure that she included everything that was extremely necessary and something important that reminded her of home.