Wk 5- Art Activity- Photo I- Documenting Place

My day started at like 1 am on a Thursday morning. I was on a FaceTime call with my friend who I haven’t seen in forever and decided to stay up as I only had one class at 12. I ended up knocking out afterwards and once I woke up I got ready for the day.
I’m not so sure why this came out as blurry but I started my day but getting some cereal and watching one of my favorite YouTubers. I also started to looking into the assigment to see what I would do. I then quickly had to get dressed to head out to my friends workplace.
I get ready and have my favoirte pair of jeans on! (They’re mom jeans) I am now just waiting in the car as my friend moves the truck. I’ve also never been in his car before and he’s a big fan of cars so it was also nice learning a bit more about cars.
I don’t think we can upload a video but here is basically my outfit for the day. I was able to get into anime around my junior year and was able to watch a lot of shows during quarantine. I also brought sunglasses to kinda go with the outfit. Afterwards we went to a drive through and got some food and I went back home to start my activity for calc.
Once finishing my activity I went to go read for my speaking seminar class. I was laying in bed and realized that my windows were like the book and deiced to take a picture. This also gave me a tiny break to just go over what I had just read.
I then had to take a quiz and was able to get a perfect score!! Today was an easier day for school as I only had one class even though it is 2 hours. I was able to relax for a bit and de stress from school.
I headed to the kitchen to make some food. I was debating between a sandwhich or a quesadilla. Then I remembered we had chorizo so I made this then added eggs afterwards. I was so scared the chorizo was going to burn.
I went outside to go check up on my dog and was fixed the rocks for this tiny house. My mom likes tiny objects and loved gardening. I found this super cute and decided to take a picture. I went to also just sit down and enjoy the breeze.
I wanted to take a picture of my dog but anytime I would get near him he would start licking my hand. This was the only decent picture I was able to get of him. I was outside for a bit and deiced I wanted to cut the dead ends of my hair.
I had my mom cut my hair. I then cut my sister’s hair but only the points. Suddenly, I got the urge to cut more hair and told my mom to cut like another inch or two of my hair. Then she cut more and now my hair is semi short ahah.
These are the other bits of hair she cut off. I cleaned all of this up and remembered that I had to go return some clothing I bought from Marshalls. I waited for my dad to come home and we went together.
I haven’t been at Metro Point at night in FOREVER!! It was really nice and refreshing. We were headed to this one store to see if they were still open but had closed 5 minutes ago. There was also a lot more cars which was surprising.
I was also enjoying this tree and the cute lights. I kinda wanted to get these for my room to decorate as I just moved to my new house. I have a lot of ideas I just can’t decided what to do. Once we finished we headed back and was able to open my box of items I just ordered.
There are some items still missing but I’m glad most of the items came Thursday!! I was able to get lotion, perfume, and lipstick. The color looked tooo dark but now I know what to order next time:))! Then afterwards I was on TikTok and ended up going to sleep!